Control Issues

from by Kai



Verse 1- Kai

I promise... Sting Of Tears is now under induction/ I'm with the Lord... all of my fears are still under discussion/ Erasing them in every session that I rhyme / Song by song... He's doing it in record time.../ feelings of inadequacy plus artistic inaccuracy/ had me like: forget the masterpiece, I'm just seeking the Master's peace/ in clear measure... / cause Christian rappers with yacht money, brings an entirely new definition of pier-pressure/ im serving notice to every surfaced motive, emotion, and ocean/ of despair. I'll spare no prayer till every care is focused/ I'm adding to my lesson learned list.../ as I cremate any pride that would lead me to now believe that I've earned this/ burned the bridge, to apathy/ I'm driving this vehicle for change/ kerosene in my backseat/ side mirrors reflect the flames/ steering clear of these ash heaps/ I need help over this course terrain/ I'm scourged and drained... I've lost so much control, Lord restore my aim...

Yeah... I cant help but feel like I keep losing control... (control repeats until next segment)

Verse 2- Kai

1:37 - You're... French kissing with a Cobra... / the equivalent? Christians in the car yelling "Hova" / Nas' "It was written" vs Jesus' "It is written..."/ you've been dancing with the devil, and developed quite a rhythm/ Is this the verse they'll grow bitter on? / Jesus said be wise as serpents, not worship the ground that they slither on/ my sense is on; I feel like we've been baited/ What's worse is satan's dancing to the music we've created/ allegedly unto the glory of the Creator/ but is it for His glory or the front cover of Fader? / our motives are where we waver/ I'm self-disclosing my prayers/ it's hard... / when the people you once idolized, you truly do admire from afar/ and you can't deny their gift ... / but if we're talking change, I'll reallocate my Roosevelts, paradigm shift/yeah... The wrong motivations can ruin us/ That dawned on my mind just in time to ruin dusk.../ It's real...


Verse 3- Kai

I'm just painting a portrait of how the family looks.../ Placing detours in every lane the family took/ I'm interceding for generations that can be shook / to the point satan won't shepherd our children with Sandy-hooks/ evil's become so elementary.../ how? I couldn't tell you how much the answer's killing me.../ We see the Lord as just a means to an end.../ with the gospel simply being a means to a Benz,/ no... ammunition, I ain't speaking from the holster/ I'm speaking to the ones who think all the preachers are vultures/ speaking to those who worship to the sounds of Jesus Culture/ the same ones who go home and bootleg Jesus Culture/ we're all diamonds in the rough with different clarities/ minus the costume jewelry of the Pharisees/ but if we look at our hearts through genuine love/we'll all find some Pharisee tendencies to repent of... it's real...


from Sting Of Tears, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Kai Columbus, Ohio

I rap. I take photo's. I love Jesus. I hope we're alike. At least on the loving Jesus part.

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