Regular Person (ft. Taelor Gray)

from by Kai



Verse 1-Kai

Yo, who taught me skinniness wasn’t attractive? / Who taught me contacts would do me more justice than glasses? / Who told me to get up on the latest fashions? / Who told me the tone of my voice was too static for rapping?/Who discouraged introversion; said I should be a talker/ but then said I “talk white” because I often talk proper?/ -ly, Who told me I was worthless? / Who told me when I marry, that my sex life will suffer since I chose to stay a virgin? / Who taught me not to like my personality? / Who taught me to measure my manhood with my salary? / Who taught me to choose the path in life that doesn’t challenge me? / Who told me chivalry is nothing more than a formality? / Who told me at the end of it all, I’ll end up alone? / Who told me that I’ll never have a family of my own? / Who told me lost friendships can never be retrieved? / Who told me that love was just too elusive to achieve?/ Just believe you’re a …


Regular Person… (they define what’s a) Regular Person… (then tell me I’m a) Regular Person… La, La, La, Laaaa…

(they label me a) Regular person… (I thought I was a) Regular Person… (nothing more than a) Regular Person… La, La, La, Laaaa…

Verse 2- Kai

Who told you your complexion was less than?/ Who said that you were ugly? Who said that dark skin wasn’t lovely? / Who said you should sell your body for money? / Who violated your temple after they said “trust me” ? / Who said it’s impossible to forgive?/ Who told you hedonism is the reason we should live?/ Who told you “you’d be better off dead”? / Who told you not to believe those words written in red? / Who said when you’re angry, it’s ok to hit your wife? / Who told you - an unborn child isn’t a life? / Who told you that throughout life… you’ll always be financially unstable? / Who taught you to appreciate an item by its label? / Who told you that you’re stupid? / Who told you that you’d never be an A and B student? / Who told you the world couldn’t be ruthless?/ Who encouraged us to grow up to be shooters?/ I’m asking to identify who’s applying the nooses…


Verse 3: Taelor Gray

Answer me please- who told you you were naked?
Who sets the divides between secular and sacred?
Whose perspective is sacred- separate from the thoughts and intents of humankind
With intensive true design
And an infinite view of time
Who picks apart atheists
Then pricks the heart of an atheist
And sparks perfect praise from his trachea
Who has known you from inside the womb
Then sizes the womb for growth and development...
all while managing the elements
A Love hyperbole
Balancing his actions, so heard nonverbally
Mercy for offenses
Merciful extension despite our selfish dreams
Who else trumps self esteem with His self esteem
Gaining all glory- with a dying selfless deed
Seems quite irregular, so lead with a capital
And call it supernatural- the God Man.



from Sting Of Tears, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Kai Columbus, Ohio

I rap. I take photo's. I love Jesus. I hope we're alike. At least on the loving Jesus part.

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