Lifeline (ft. Jamaica Weston)

from by Kai



Intro- Kai

Hook- Jamaica Weston:

All I need is a lifeline, all I need is a lifeline...
And I'm calling you, I'm calling you... x2

Verse 1- Kai
Can you relate... to my portrayal of betrayal?/ The trail of broken hearts, broken starts, and broken halos?/The same foe of fear did surround me/ then misery appeared with black years to crown me/ she whispered in my ear: "you'll never steer without me"/then I replied: "No... you can drown in tears without me." / -and then Jesus reassures I'm not missing/ in-fin-ite life, I wouldn't be caught dead not living/ given the price; -the Rose of sharon is my preferred floral.../ He keeps me... when laurels dash to deter my morals/ I'm burning tapestries of agony's demise/ all the apathy that atrophies is actually prescribed/ make it plain: Jesus trained me as a pilot of the skies/ but even when I lacked a license, He had still given me drive/ so now I drive over leaves left over that a season left colder than the breeze on death's shoulder... I resurrect...


Verse 2- Kai

Can you relate to my rage against the machine? / May I author unto the Lord; every page eclipses the screams/ of jaded nations of teens that have no elation to breathe/ they see no escape to just be, and don't pray for what they believe/ to be freedom... If you blink you just might miss it/ "it" being sex slaves in places you'll never visit/ visibility... seems to correlate to our ability/ to care for what doesn't bother you, but is constantly killing she/ has no say over her own body/ she tries to escape in her mind, but satan's chasing behind/ so when she envisions a home with a husband and healthy baby/ her faith in it coming to pass won't even stir up a "maybe"/ it's tragic, she's only 18 and nightmares cause her to hate dreams/ but one day she'll be free lead other women to safety/ she'll marry, have kids of her own, and insist on adopting a baby/ skip Christmas shopping at Macy's/ to petition stoppage of rapings/ that's parallel to the hell that she fell hostage to facing


Verse 3- Kai

Can you relate? To what now represent my aim?/ My obsession with the residence of heaven will explain/ with no negligence or hesitant expressions of the same/ second guessing isn't present when His presence is ingrained/ in the essence of the blessed learning lessons in His name/ Jesus' weapons ceased the pestilence envelopin' the saints/ plus His message cut the stress that kept my excellence in chains/ Bless His name, which I represent and sketch deflecting fame/ though I'm wretched, I'm still stretching for the perfection he sustained/ His resurrection out of death is the only method to obtain/ so both testaments show evidence expressive of this claim/ so keep praying... cause confession of transgressions rids of stains/ Jesus, He makes intercession and concession for the saints, while correcting our perspective and acceptance of what taints/ our perception of progression; rejection isn't what I'm dressed in/ nor necklaces of oppression, I'm pressing into a better chain...



from Sting Of Tears, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Kai Columbus, Ohio

I rap. I take photo's. I love Jesus. I hope we're alike. At least on the loving Jesus part.

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