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Verse 1 - Kai

I hope you're right... cause I don't know if it's just the thrill of the chase/ or am I dealing with fate? / cause I'm concealing so much, I'm feeling so much/ -the flood of- un-certainty... is now spilling over/ and judging by these Russell crowes flying over head... I'm starting to think I was only pretending to know her (Noah)/ - The sheep of the Lord know His voice, so why am I so convinced by the rhetoric of the cobra/ I jettison... as I'm vexed again, perplexed again, embedded in such a malicious regimen/ but I can see the damage, so I retreat to let her mend/ as I open the canvas to entreat the letters from the pen/ my goal isn't to "manage"... but instead to sever sin/ I hear the knock of panic, but I refuse to let her in/ I may not understand it if this is a fight I never win/ but I can still withstand it as long as Jesus will measure in... Grace, as...


Verse 2 - Kai

Sometimes I thought you simply just didn't cherish me/ ...that was temporarily scaring me so far to the point of solidarity/ cause something like this... what we have is a rarity/ and now I merrily think of the idea of marrying/ but then we'll have a moment of despair and disparaging remarks.../ and I start to question my own clarity/ I'm a man of God, that's what Truth will swear of me/ so to be bound by these emotions is quite embarassing/ but, the torment is a burden I won't be carrying.../ I'll, never be perfect, to whom am I comparing me? / there's fire in our eyes that burns of familiarity/ so tell me what'll happen if these moments bleed Kerosene? / I'm speaking with these dark angles aside/ on the moon, speaking from the heart's angle is Kai/ I've been praying that... all the hard angles subside/ but keep struggling, with this dark angle of pride.../

Verse 3- Kai

My heart's inclined to this aerial view/ but I'm looking up at love from a burial view/ as I die to myself, denying myself/ I look into her eyes as I confide in my help... above/ the vision's in sight... the blood/ transforms sins from crimson to wedding dress white/ mission accomplished, the precipice to this mission's accomplice/ no exodus to any exit exists/ please... give me space to plead/ my case, cause she knows I'd give her the shirt off my back... while I'm aware of the fact... I wear my heart on my sleeve/ love brings no cuff links/ this isn't cuffing season, this is covenant season/ the reason? Jesus is speaking to me to be pure in motives and in the moment/ in Jesus image I'm molded/ that's what I hope in as these mirrors expose sin... I see...


from Sting Of Tears, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Kai Columbus, Ohio

I rap. I take photo's. I love Jesus. I hope we're alike. At least on the loving Jesus part.

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