Fiction's Lie

from by Kai



Verse 1- Kai

It's beautiful... wouldn't you say? / which leaves me all the more confused on why wouldn't you stay/ Love songs I wrote, but never recorded... never could play/ whenever I'd pray/ for us, the Lord would say enough... is enough/ Trust/ I say this all for your sake, cause your saved, and she's not/ and the soul tie that you wanna make, you don't wanna make ... that's a deep knot/ you thought she loved you; think not/ she doesn't even know who love is/ it's ain't wise to wait for the blizzard to see if the gloves fit/ death is everything lust gives/ your body is a temple, not a utensil/ so, that's, where, the possibility of "us" ends/ it wasn't my intention... to up and cut off our friendship/ but listen you need an encounter with God far more than you need my attention/ tension... is in the room whenever we're in it/ it's in-fatuation... and we both need maturation/ I can see we lack the patience... so God makes the provision for vision... /so with these contacts, i gently place the lenses...

Hook: In fiction's eyes... it's fiction's lie... x2

Verse 2- Kai

Pride will tempt us regardless.../ to finish what we started... even if it was with a harlot/ that's a symptom of fake love... / she said she had a heart of gold/ I said "that's what idols are often made of"/ see sin can have a snowball affect.../ and I took a lot of notes on the avalanche on Adam's hands/ snowballs of regret/ and my flaws are no lesser.../ hindsight is 20/20, prophetic sight's even better/ but our own will is our treasure/and there begins the reprimand.../ I'm staring at the hour glass aware of every speck of sand/ time is running out... and so now... it's no wonder that, the Army of salvation is obsessed with the second hand/ as we proceed to act like we're not in need of a second chance/ in fact, the eyes of Christ show mercy if you would accept the glance/ but the
plan-tation of your plans left you and fiction to dance.../ and you want me to cut-in, but I'm insisting that I can't... I can't...


from Sting Of Tears, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Kai Columbus, Ohio

I rap. I take photo's. I love Jesus. I hope we're alike. At least on the loving Jesus part.

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